Manufacturing Facts

1. What materials does Softgel Co. require to manufacture a product?

Most of the products we manufacture consist of a hemp concentrate (extract or distillate) combined with a carrier oil (and occasionally other ingredients). All CBD/cannabinoid Products must include (at a minimum) Potency lab test upon receipt at our warehouse, and per cGmp regulations, we are now required to pull 10ml for a full panel test (Potency, Microbial, Heavy metals, Residual and Pesticides) off every batch that is sent in and has $478.00 fee for each batch. We will pull another 10ml sample from each batch for retainage.
Customers have three general options for how they choose to source and provide these raw materials:

  1. A customer may send Softgel Co. pre-blended material (i.e., a formulation that has been mixed to its final specifications and is ready for encapsulation or bottling) a $50.00 fee for Homogenizing and filtering will be added per 25 gallons of premix. C of A’s required on all material in pre-mix blend (will send Chain of Possession sheet).
  2. A customer may send Softgel Co. individual raw materials (ie: Full/Broad Spectrum Extract, Distillate, Isolate or even a special blend (need list of materials)), which we will formulate and mix to the customer’s specifications for a $275 fee, which now includes a pre-encapsulation or bottling potency test. A customer can also send in their own carrier oil (ie: Avacado, Coconut, Olive or any Organic oil, etc. with C of A), and Softgel will send it back with your completed order.
  3. A customer may choose to have their product manufactured using materials that Softgel Co. stocks in-house, which include full-spectrum extract (65-75% CBD), Isolate (97.0-99.9% CBD) or Full-Spectrum Distillate (80-85% CBD) and blended with stocked hemp seed or MCT carrier oil.

2. Customer Supplied Specs

  1. Batch/Lot # (or customer designated lot #) and Manufacturing date will be put on bottom of bottle (expiration date only of stability test has been provided)..
  2. Out of state customers need to provide their state registration and proof of food safety hemp program in their state.
  3. Safety Data Sheets and Certificate of Analysis (if applicable) for all ingredients sent in a Pre-mix blend (Will send Chain of Possession sheet).
  4. Must arrive in visually clean containers and no larger than 5-kg jars or buckets that minimize contaminate and that are designated as food safe (mason jars are fine.)

3. What is the cost for softgel manufacturing?

Our standard softgel (size 8 oval; 0.5 ml fill volume). While the theoretical yield per gallon is 7,570 softgels, we factor in a 7% production loss, giving an expected yield of 7,000 softgels per gallon. The minimum order quantity for Bovine encapsulation is 4 gallons (Vegan 6-gallon minimum), which will yield approximately 28,000 softgels.

The production cost is based on the total run volume per the quantities below: (we now offer a 1ml and a .25ml bovine Softgel. Please call for more information.) :

  • 4.0-6.9 Gallons
  • 7.0-19.9 Gallons
  • 20 - 49.9 Gallons
  • 50-99.9 Gallons
  • 100+ Gallons

Please click on this link to see fill ranges for oval and oblong softgels: Softgel size chart

Softgel Co. charges the following for the carrier oils we stock in-house:

Oil Cost per gallon Cost per kg
Hemp seed oil $22.35 $6.25
MCT oil (palm-derived) $26.60 $7.65

4. Can Softgel Co. bottle and label?

Yes, we can bottle and label your softgels. Our standard container offering includes a white HDPE 120 cc bottle and a 75cc bottle with a white cap (with foam pressure seal), desiccant, shrink wrap around the cap and bottleneck, and date/product identifier coding. Customers may choose to provide their own bottles or caps.
The bottling and labeling cost is based on quantity per below:

Bottle Quantity (#) Cost per bottle
< 3,000 $1.30
3,000 – 9,999 $1.25
10,000 – 69,999 $1.20
70,000 – 99,999 $1.15
100K+ $1.00

Alternative caps, seals, and other bottling options are available (e.g. heat induction seals, child-resistant caps,), which will incur an added cost (please contact Softgel Co. for details). Softgel Co. does not print labels, so the customer is responsible for providing these. Labels need to be tightly wound in style #4, (leading left edge.) We can give you a source for a label company if you need one. We will not accept labels from a sticker company. We also have boxing capabilities hand application $.30 each fee and if the box can be ran through our machine it will be a $.10 each fee. Softgel Co will supply you with the box template.
Softgel Co has automated boxing for softgels, tinctures, and blister packs.

5. Does Softgel Co. manufacturer in bulk?

Softgel Co. manufacturers in bulk. There is a charge for shipping containers.

6. What sizes does Softgel Co. offer for tinctures and what is the production cost?

We offer tincture bottles in volumes of 10/15ml, 1 oz. and 2 oz. The minimum order quantity for tinctures is 300 units. Tincture production cost is based on quantity as indicated below, and includes amber glass bottles, glass droppers, shrink wrap around cap and bottleneck, labeling, date/product identifier coding.

Tincture Volume
# Tinctures 10/15 ml 1 oz. 2 oz.
< 3,000 $1.10 $1.40 $2.40
3,000 – 9,999 $1.05 $1.35 $2.35
10,000 – 49,999 $1.00 $1.30 $2.30
50,000+ $0.95 $1.25 $2.25

7. What is the lead time?

Our guaranteed lead time is 6 weeks from the date we receive your raw materials (extract to be formulated, pre-mix formula, customer supplied bottles, caps, droppers and labels, if needed) with required certificate of analysis on all material to be encapsulated or bottled, and any supplies provided by customer (bottles, caps and labels). Failure to provide all required materials will increase turnaround time. Production will not start until a full-panel test from our 3rd Party testing facility is received and approved by customer. No finished products will be released until we receive test results from the third-party laboratories we contract with (this typically takes 5-7 business days).

8. What are the payment terms?

Softgel Co. requires a 50% down payment (based on estimate or invoice) for all customers to begin a production order. Final Payment is due before an order will be shipped! Softgel Co. accepts cash/checks, ACH and wire transfers (call office for ACH or wire information…..we will not send an email with banking information). The customer is responsible for all shipping costs (we can ship on your FedEx, UPS or LTL account). If customer wants insurance for shipping, please add it when you set up your shipment.
NOTE: Customers must pay in advance for any house extract to be used in production. If you receive any request by email or text for a down payment toward the cost of production, please notify us immediately so we can report it as fraudulent. Furthermore, please notify us if you receive any instructions to send a check or wire payment to accounts other than the Softgel Co. account specified verbally by our order manager. Under no circumstances should you send or wire payment to an entity other than Softgel Co. Please contact us immediately if you receive a request to do so.

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